American Discovery Trail


Foot, Bill, and Laurie Foot. ADT Data Books.
‘The most detailed and up-to-date route directions available. They were originally compiled by Bill and Laurie Foot, and were recently updated. Available as a hard copy booklet, covering the country in four segments: Delaware to Cincinnati; Cincinnati to Denver (Southern Branch); Cincinnati to Denver (Northern Branch) and Denver to California.’

Lukei, Reese. The American Discovery Trail: Explorer’s Guide. Boulder, Colo.: Johnson Books, 1995

Trails Illustrated Maps of the American Discovery Trail.
Trails Illustrated maps for California and Ohio/Western West Virginia only.


Cottrell, Joyce, and Peter Cottrell. Two Hikers–Both 50-Years Plus–Complete Historic First Coast-to-Coast Trek on ADT.
‘Joyce and Peter Cottrell departed from the Atlantic coast at Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park on March 5, 2002 and reached the Pacific on August 18, 2003 — the first hikers to backpack the entire official route of the…ADT.

Daniel, Michael. LION KING’s 2007 American Discovery Trail Journal. (in progress)

Dudley, Ellen, and Eric Seaborg. American Discoveries: Scouting the First Coast-to-Coast Recreational Trail. Seattle: Mountaineers, 1996.

Foot, Bill, and Laurie Foot. The ADT Journal.

Grapa, Robin, and Patty Laatsch. Our Hike Across America for Bone Marrow Disease.

Powers, Ken, and Marcia Powers. Ken & Marcia’s 2005 American Discovery Trail Journal.
‘On October 15, 2005, Ken and Marcia Powers became the first hikers to complete a continuous backpack of the country’s first Atlantic-to-Pacific trail…[They] started their journey from the Atlantic coast in Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park on February 27… .Others have made this 4,900-mile trek, but [they] are the first to follow the actual American Discovery Trail route continuously and finish in the same year.

Propster, Randy, and Sheri Propster. Honeymooners’ 2006 American Discovery Trail Journal.

Stark, Brian R. Getting to the Point: In a Dozen Pairs of Shoes. Bloomington, Ind.: AuthorHouse, 2006.

Toolan, Dave, and Stuart Hamilton. Walking the States, 2006/2007.


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“Shore to Shore.” Backpacker. Vol. 20, Issue 3 (May 1992), pg. 40+ (7 pages).

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